Tungsten Bucking Bar Catalogue

Chinatungsten Online can supply all shapes of tungsten bucking bar. All of our tungsten bucking bars of the list following are made of tungsten alloy material. All edges are de-burred and surfaces contorl are grinded for troubles-free use.
Choose one of these standard tungsten bucking bars or offer tungsten bucking bar as per the customs' designs without any additional charge, Chinatungsten Online could make it. The types of tungsten bucking bars shown below are only a part of the regular specifications from Chinatungsten's design, if you have any special type requirements, please feel free to contact.

bucking bar DWG. No. 061304 bucking bar DWG. No. 071431
Size (inch) 4×1×0.63 Size (inch) 2.5×1.5×0.75
Appr. W.(kgs) 0.75 Appr. W.(kgs) 0.70
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bucking bar DWG. No. 071432 bucking bar DWG. No. 071433
Size (inch) 2.5×1.5×0.75 Size (inch) 2.5×1.5×1.5
Appr. W.(kgs) 0.71 Appr. W.(kgs) 1.00
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bucking bar DWG. No. 071440 DWG. No. 071472
Size (inch) 3×1.6×0.5 Size (inch) 2×1×1
Appr. W.(kgs) 0.70 Appr. W.(kgs) 0.65
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bucking bar DWG. No. 071469 bucking bar DWG. No. 071469b
Size (inch) 4×0.9×1.8 Size (inch) 4×0.9×1.8
Appr. W.(kgs) 1.40 Appr. W.(kgs) 1.40
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bucking bar DWG. No. 081479 bucking bar DWG. No. 081503
Size (inch) 4×1×2 Size (inch) 2×1.5×0.5
Appr. W.(kgs) 1.00 Appr. W.(kgs) 0.5
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bucking bar DWG. No. 081480 bucking bar DWG. No. 081481
Size (inch) 3.5×1.5×1 Size (inch) 3.5×1.5×0.4
Appr. W.(kgs) 1.50 Appr. W.(kgs) 0.60
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bucking bar DWG. No. 091664 bucking bar DWG. No. 091665
Size (inch) 3.8×1.2×0.6 Size (inch) 3.3×1.2×0.5
Appr. W.(kgs) 0.66 Appr. W.(kgs) 0.50
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bucking bar DWG. No. 071439 bucking bar DWG. No. 091799
Size (inch) 3×2×1.4 Size (inch) 4.0×2.0×1.0
Appr. W.(kgs) 2.0 Appr. W.(kgs) 1.20
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If you would like to order Chinatungsten's tungsten bucking bar, please click here to place order, or you should feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com sales@xiamentungsten.com or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.